ProSizer Penis Extender System
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the ProSizer™ device and system.

How do I use it?
For information about the ProSizer™ device or for instructions regarding it's use, click here. Complete instructions with images are also provided with the device.

Is it difficult to use?
No, it's very easy. An instruction sheet with demonstration pictures is included with the device.

Is it painful or uncomfortable?
No, not at all. In fact, there will be many occasions when you'll forget that you're wearing it. Be sure to keep tension at a comfortable level as recommended. Since the ProSizer™ device was designed by a medical practitioner, it is anatomically appropriate and correct to function as it should with minimal discomfort even when used for extended periods of time. Initially, you may notice some slight soreness as your body adjusts to the traction, and this normally tapers off quickly. In some cases, men experience some minor skin irritation, and we sell foam cushions to correct this.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?
Yes, it is safe and there are no side effects. The device has no impact upon erection ability, sexual performance, urination or fertility. Some initial soreness may occur which is normal.

How big will I get?
It is impossible to give you a precise answer; however, you may click here to receive an estimate based upon your criteria.

What if my goal is to get longer than the device?
The ProSizer™ is adjustable and comes with various extension rods to increase length at any time. For those seeking enormous gains, an additional set of extension rods can be purchased separately, which can be easily attached to your existing ProSizer™.

What happens if I become too big to use the extender?
If you find that the extender does not extend far enough for your penis, we sell additional sets of extension rods at a very low price. Click here to order an extra set of extension rods.

Do you sell replacement parts for the device?
Yes, absolutely. If you lose any parts of the ProSizer™ device or want extra parts for your device for any reason, simply email us and request a link to our replacement parts order page. We will reply to your email with a special link to view and order our replacement parts.

Are the results permanent?

I like the pills. Where can I get more?
For InVigorex penis enlargement pills, go to
For EjacuMax volume enhancement pills, go to

Are there any side effects from using the supplements?
There are no side effects at all. The ingredients are all natural, safe, and combined in the correct proportions to assist in male vigor and sexual health with no ill effects. Additionally, our supplements are manufactured with great care under very strict quality controls in a pharmaceutical grade facility.

What is the minimum and maximum size that a penis must be to use the device?
The ProSizer™ accomodates any penis ranging from 2.5" - 6.5" in length, and any size in girth. If you require extension beyond 6.5" in length, simply purchase an extra set of extension rods.

Will my girth get bigger too, or just my length?
Both length and girth will increase as a result of the tissue expansion. Average improvements reported over a 5 month time period are 26% increase in length and 21% increase in girth.

How big does my penis have to be to use it?
The device is adjustable so it can be used by virtually any size penis.

How old do I need to be to use it?
The device is intended for mature adults age 18 or older.

Will it work for an uncircumcised/circumcised penis?
Yes, the device works equally well for both.

What if I get an erection while wearing it?
No problem. The pivoting base adjusts to the given erection angle, or you may simply remove the device and re-apply.

Will this help my erections get harder?
Yes, many of our clients have reported much stronger erections. This is due to the increased cell activity and improved blood flow.

Will it help correct curvature?
Yes, the device has proved efficient in curvature correction.

Is there a particular schedule I have to follow?
No. You can wear the device whenever you desire. Results depend only on the total amount of hours worn and the amount of traction applied.

Can I wear it 24 hours a day? Will this give me faster results?
No, you should not wear it for more than the recommended time. Doing so will not provide faster results. Rest is required for the cell tissue to regenerate. For the first 2 weeks, the device should not be worn for more than 4 hours per day, and only mild tension should be applied. Thereafter, the device may be worn up to 12 hours per day, and mild or moderate tension may be applied.

Can I keep using it forever?
Yes. Results should continue through continued use.

Can I wear it while I sleep?
Yes; however, it may prove difficult to keep the device on if you are a restless sleeper. The only way to determine this is by trying.

Can I wear it while I'm at work?
Yes. If you have a job that is not physically demanding, the device can be worn discretely under boxer shorts and loose-fitting trousers.

Is it available in retail stores?
No, not at this time. Currently, both the ProSizer™ device and ProSizer™ system are only available online through this web site. However, please note that ordering from this web site is fast, easy and secure and we offer multiple payment options and free shipping worldwide on all orders.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, click here to learn more about our total satisfaction guarantee.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?
Your credit will be discreetly billed as "Austin Research Institute" or "PAYPAL AUSTINRESEA". This way, no one will ever know what you have ordered.

Is shipping discreet?
Absolutely. Your order will be securely and discreetly packaged in a plain package. For your privacy, nothing will be written on the package that identifies the contents in any manner.

Do I have to pay any sales tax?
No, you will not be asked or required to pay any sales tax on your order unless you live in Maryland. Maryland residents must pay 6% sales tax.

Is shipping free?
Yes, shipping is completely free - no matter where you live.

Can you ship to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes?
Yes, we can ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can you ship to APO/FPO military addresses?
Yes, we can ship to any APO or FPO address.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to all English-speaking countries in the world, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few. If you are unsure whether or not we can ship to your country, please contact us before placing your order and we can tell you.



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