ProSizer Penis Extender System
Why ProSizer™ is the Best Extender for You

There are many reasons why the ProSizer™ system is the best male enhancement solution for you. We'll discuss some of those reasons in just a moment.

First, you should understand why the ProSizer™ device itself is the safest and most effective penis extender money can buy.

The ProSizer™ extender may look like other extenders, but it's not.

There is one very important difference...  one which could greatly impact your safety.

Unlike other extenders, the ProSizer™ DOES NOT use
spring-loaded mechanisms in it's extension rods.

Why is this so important?

Because for your safety, you need to have complete control over the amount of tension applied to your penis.

Springs reduce or take away that much-needed control.

Not only that, it is widely known that the cheap, thin-gauge wire springs typically found in extenders do not offer consistent or uniform tension, and the reliability of these springs over time is very poor.

As a result, injury could stem from an extender's reliance on spring-loaded mechanisms.

The problem with spring-loaded mechanisms found in extenders is threefold:

  • The spring mechanisms are prone to malfunction (making the extender inoperable).

  • The springs themselves require frequent replacement (costing you time and money).

  • And most importantly, the spring-loaded mechanisms limit your ability to completely control the amount of traction applied to your penis. Without complete traction control, proper adjustment is difficult to achieve and the risk of over-extension is much higher. And over-extension, particularly for a long period of time, could lead to severe soreness, malformation, tissue damage or erectile dysfunction.
We know that you don't want to worry about these problems. You just want an extender that is safe, reliable and won't fall apart on you, right?

We completely understand - which is exactly why the ProSizer™ does not contain or use any springs or spring-loaded mechanisms.

The ProSizer™ provides all of the benefits of penis traction without the worrisome safety and reliability concerns needed with spring tension extenders.

With ProSizer™, you remain in control.

Please note that it is not our intent to denounce spring-loaded mechanisms used in penis extenders, but rather to educate and warn you of their possible safety and reliability issues.

If you've never used an extender before, then trust us, this is information you absolutely must consider before making a purchasing decision. The long-term health and well-being of your penis could depend on it.

And if you already own an extender which uses spring tension, then you might want to consider switching to the ProSizer™. Chances are, you are already aware of the shortcomings of spring tension extenders and you are searching for a better alternative.

The ProSizer™ System covers all the bases.

Now that you understand why the ProSizer™ device itself is truly unique, let's take a closer look at what makes the ProSizer™ system so different and so effective.

The world's best penis extender deserves equal company, which is why we combined the ProSizer™ with the the safest and most effective pills and exercise program available today.

To begin with, the ProSizer™ system includes two very effective male enhancement supplements: InVigorex and EjacuMax. Both supplements have received international acclaim for their effectiveness and they boast tens of thousands of customers worldwide. When you purchase the ProSizer™ system, you receive (5) bottles of InVigorex and (5) bottles of EjacuMax (a $450 value). No other extender can offer you these amazing products with their system.

But that's not all. With your order of the ProSizer™ system, you also receive a personal online membership to Penis Video, the world's most effective online video penis enlargement exercise program. Once again, no other extender can offer you membership to this incredible site with their system.

So as you can see, we've already done your homework for you.

We've taken the guesswork out of which male enhancement product to buy.

We make it easy by combining all of the best male enhancement products into one incredible system, giving you the ultimate solution for penis enlargement and sexual enhancement!

And to top it all off, we do it for an unbelievable price.

Best of all, results are GUARANTEED!

Once you try the ProSizer™ system for yourself, we know you'll be totally satisfied. But if for any reason you're not, simply return it to us for a refund. (details)

So what are you waiting for?

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you've ever desired a longer, thicker penis and rock hard erections, then stop dreaming and start making it a reality. Invest in the best - invest in the ProSizer™ system.

Please note that this offer is not available anywhere else, so do yourself a favor and act now!



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